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SuccessIcons is the premier icon community showcasing and creating icons geared for inspiration and motivation.

This is the sister site to daily_gems. Your source for inspiration and motivation. Icon examples can be found here.

The guidelines for this community are the following:

1. To request an icon to be made, send an email to the maintainer. Do not forget to include your LJ username in your email. You may also leave a comment in the journal.

2. An icon you are posting into the community must have a theme of inspiration, motivation, or a positive way of thinking, acting, or being.

3. Please leave a comment for what you are taking. It is nice to know what type of themes and imagery the members here are more likely to enjoy.

4. Do not hotlink and please do not steal. I do not *require* credit to be given for the work posted here, however it is good karma and it spreads the word about successicons and encourages other LJ-ers to support and use avatars with positive imagery.

5. Be respectful to all members and artists at all times.

*PLEASE GIVE OUR ARTISTS YOUR APPRECIATION THROUGH COMMENTS OR CREDIT. successicons* A SINGLE SENTENCE IS ALL WE ASK. For gorgeous "Friends Only Banners Please visit capture_dreams.

Thank you and welcome!
Your icon creator is a volunteer for LiveJournal.com's Official Userpics Team at userpics.

Please forward any questions or suggestions and comments to myself, yayhappens, the maintainer of this community. Don't forget to join us over at daily_gems!

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