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thanks bunches!!

This is an awesome community! I've browsed the archives and snagged quite a few icons. If you'd like to know which ones, let me know and I'll tell you. They are all so incredibly neat and I'm so jealous of everyone's creative talent. I'll be sure to credit when I use them - I have them saved in folders with the user's name.

Thanks especially to chuck_bob, islandgirlslj, meadowflower, staeffalynn211, svggrdnbeauty, and, of course, yayhappens I hope it's ok that I didn't comment on all of the back-posts; I'll be sure to comment from here on out! I'm sorry if I offended anyone by scoping out the archives - just rest assured that your work will not go uncredited.

If I listed your name, please respond so I know whether or not it's ok if I use your icons. Again, I promise I'll credit.
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Small post

Well I don't have as many icons as I have in past posts, but I've been waiting until I get PSP9 installed on here, so until then here are one icon and three bases for all of you!

Image hosted by

Gradients for the icon above were provided by gerlstar.

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Credit, comment, no hot-linking, enjoy and have a great day!
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(no subject)

I'm on a roll this weekend! Here's another batch of icons and bases for you!

Icons: 3
Bases: 5

Total: 8 icons

Preview: Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Credit, comment, no hot-linking, enjoy, and have a great evening!
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(no subject)

Hello! I have some more icons and bases for you today!

Preview: 1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by
3.Image hosted by 4.Image hosted by

You can see the rest here!

Same rules for use apply as always, and have a great evening!
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